Africa, and its Several Regions and Islands according to the most recent Descriptions (Earthworks Embed Demo)

This layer is a georeferenced raster image of an historic continental map of Africa from 1800. Even though the map depicts extensive knowledge of the interior, the great rivers are inaccurately placed and the Nile erroneously appears to originate in two adjacent lakes in Central Africa. All map collar and inset information is also available as part of the raster image, including any inset maps, profiles, statistical tables, directories, text, illustrations, or other information associated with the principal map. This map was scanned and georeferenced by the Stanford University Geospatial Center using a Bonne projection. This map is part of a selection of digitally scanned and georeferenced historic maps of Africa from the Oscar I. Norwich Collection at Stanford University.

This historic paper map provides an historical perspective of the cultural and physical landscape during this time period. The wide range of information provided on these maps make them useful in the study of historic geography. As this map has been georeferenced, it also can be used as a background layer in conjunction with other GIS data.