Dear SF Bay Housing Market


Dear SF Bay Housing Market,

You are really harsh. So harsh that I’m here in a rented room in Belmont that costs as much as my current mortgage, trying to find “our place and people” and save enough to get the rest of my family out here so we can make you a better community (I know. From what I see so far, you are already amazing, but trust me, we’re a great addition).

So, I got my dream job . And it doesn’t come with stock options or six-figure bonuses. But the work is going to be fantastic, and impactful and it’s really where I belong. Don’t get me wrong, the compensation is more than fair for academia, and would be more than sufficient to provide my family with comfort and security and housing and travel and everything we could ever need. . . except for here.

So get ready, because I’m aiming for your soft spot, here. I’m going to tell you about us. I’m going to tell you what we need from you. I’m going to tell you what we have to offer (it’s mostly not dollars) and I’m going to hope that someone out there has “the deal” for us. Continue reading Dear SF Bay Housing Market